Letty & Enver

Letty & Enver got in touch with me after seeing my work on display in the Greyhound. I was so excited to do their engagement shoot in London, I had so many ideas! I had to to make a few lists and refine my choices otherwise we would of been there for days!

We also ended up having a pretty pants day weather-wise, but we definitely made the most of it and powered through the drizzle!

Paul’s cafe made for the perfect pitstop, the cake was incredible! I’m sure a few passers by thought we were a little nuts for wanting to sit outside. 🙂

Letty & Enver also asked me to use one of the photos to make their ‘Save the Date’ I hadn’t ever done this before, but it was so much fun. I have posted the two they selected at the end of the post!

I seriously can’t wait for their wedding this summer, it’s going to be amazing! 😀







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