How to Make: Paper Pom Poms & Flowers

So I thought I would do a little ‘How To’ blog post, as everyone always says how cute these paper Pom Poms look in my photo shoots, and they are so easy and cheap to make. They make for great photo shoot props but are also a really cost effective way to decorate an event!

Hope you like it!..


1. What you will need:

– Scissors

– Tissue Paper (I have used size 20″ x 30″)

– String


2. First get 10 sheets of your 20″ x 30″ Paper and cut in half – this will make two Pom Poms.


3. Now concertina fold the whole length of paper.


4. Secure around the centre with string – leave enough string so you can hang the finished Pom Pom.


5. Now cut both ends of the folded paper into a rounded edge.


6. Fan out one end of the paper and begin pulling out each layer of tissue.


(Looks a bit like a broccoli)


7. Repeat on the other side.


Here is your finished Pom Pom!


You can create different looks by using pinking shears to cut the edges of the paper. Or by leaving them uncut – I think that makes the finished Pom Pom look like a rose.


For another Flower look you can use 4 extra sheets of tissue paper – cut in half the size again.


Shred the edges of the tissue paper with your scissors – do this on both sizes of tissue paper.


Place the smaller tissue paper in the centre of the bigger sheets – and begin the concertina fold again.


Pull each layer out separately and it should look like a flower.


You can then use them to decorate! Super easy and cheap! 🙂



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