10 facts about me

1. I have two crazy doggies, Maisie a german Schnauzer and Marley a Spanish water dog! They are very noisy which is why I like to meet you at your house or a cosy pub. However they feature a lot on my instagram so head there to see them. (Spoiler: they are both super cute)

2. I don't have a middle name! My name is just Ella Brooks, but I added the Violet myself after my Great Nan!

3. I studied photography at university and dreamed of being a photographer for Vogue.. Now I get to photograph magazine worthy weddings every weekend and I wouldn't change it for the world!

4. I'm a very creative person, and by that I mean messy!

5. Editing is one of my favourite things, as I think that is where the magic really happens. 

6. I have two younger brothers. 

7. I have lived in Wivenhoe all my life!

8. When I turned 1 I had an unintentional Jelly Smash! My parents made me Jelly instead of a cake and I face planted it! :P

9. I started my own business when I left university at just 21, it was the scariest thing I've ever done but also the best.

10. I have two canon camera's and I have named them... Esther and Eliza!